Fifth Whiskey (AKA Michael Kopp) will be performing his repertoire of blues, country, rock, and singalong classics for the NTH SYD Online Sessions. Michael is truly a ‘one man band’ with his unique and intricate style of looping giving life to his songs and creating a full, dynamically diverse sound — despite often performing as a solo artist.  As a self-produced, multi-instrumental songwriter, Michael draws from classical and jazz trainings to create smooth grooves, storytelling, lyricism, and silky harmonies.

He is a joy to watch and had been compared to an old school jukebox! His shows usually result in dancing and singing along to the likes of Bowie, Elvis, Dire Straits, Bruce Springsteen, and Dolly Parton. If this sounds like your cup of tea, tune in at 12.30pm on Friday 3 September to hear Fifth Whiskey streaming live on the NTH SYD Facebook page.


Fifth Whiskey | NTH SYD Online Sessions
03 Sep 2021


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