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How do you make an office into an innovative workspace? You build a connected community.

A new all-inclusive workspace recently opened its doors at 50 Miller St in North Sydney. WeWork is a shared workspace company, connecting people in beautifully designed spaces to foster a sense of community.

Occupying four floors in a 10-story building, there are hundreds of WeWork locations worldwide and their reputation precedes them. They’re like the Disney of shared workspaces – once you sign up you have access to 485 locations globally, so you can simply turn up, tap your card and work from anywhere in the world, from Seattle to Singapore.

After taking a tour of their new North Sydney Office recently, here are our top six favorite things about the space and what WeWork members can expect:

Friendly hospitality: As you walk through the door you’ll be greeted by the Community team, who can help welcome your clients for meetings etc. Other onsite staff are there to assist you and provide personalised support. You’ll find everything you need to run your office smoothly including high speed internet, printing nooks, phone booths and conference rooms

Health and wellbeing: They have this sorted for you too with a wellness room for members to zen out. They also run massages in these rooms on specific days. They recently held a Desk Yoga and Meditation event and organise several workshops and panel speakers throughout the year for members.

Vibrant and dynamic spaces: There’s a mix of settings for different activities during your work day including open and closed spaces, café-like surrounding for casual meetings with your clients and private rooms without any distractions.

Global connectivity: Using the WeWork app, members can leverage the strength of a diverse, global community no matter where they are.

Food and beverage: There’s food, and lots of it. Whether it be weekly TGIM breakfast complimentary for all members, unlimited tea, coffee or the signature fruit water or cheese tasting at a happy hour. They also run a fantastic thing called lunch and learns where they put on lunch, but members can take away more than just a burrito bowl. Some of their recent topics have included Modern Day Mindfulness, How to Choose a Home Loan and Why Fear is a Good Thing.

Bring your pup to work with you!
 That’s right, your pawsome best friend can come to work with you so you can draw inspiration from his cute puppy face all day long. The WeWork office is all about creating a comfortable, productive and happy workplace for you.

As part of the company’s sustainability initiatives, WeWork is completely pescatarian, to reduce the environmental impacts of meat production. They also provide reusable kitchenware like mugs and plates to reduce the need for single use plastics.

The space is also parent friendly equipped with a parent room complete with fridge, change table and privacy for you and bub.

Memberships are flexible and offered month-to-month so companies can scale up or down as their business demands change. There’s also seven other WeWork spaces in Sydney, which makes it easy to host meetings on both sides of the bridge.

Zachary Hill, Community Manager at WeWork 50 Miller St said the new space has been received well in the community.

“People are happier coming to work here as they feel like it’s their own space,” he said.

“Being connected to people, in real life, makes for a happier life. Creating a sense of belonging is threaded through everything we do. WeWork has an undeniable sense of energy from the moment you walk in.”

Zachary said they offer plenty of shared space to encourage collaboration and socialisation.  He said the current workforce want more from their workplace.

“What employees want from their employers and work environment is shifting. They’re choosing to work in environments that allow them to be inspired, thrive personally as well as professionally and feel a part of something greater than themselves.” Zach said.

Some of the members who have joined WeWork in North Sydney work across a broad range of industries including tech, recruitment, dental, medical, insurance, digital advertising, film and accounting.

If you’re interested in finding out more about WeWork, you can book a tour of the office on their website: www.wework.com. The best thing is, it’s only a two minute walk from North Sydney station.

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