28 May 2018 North Sydney


28 May 2018 North Sydney

Sue Lafford Perfect Potion

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“It takes 60 roses to make a single drop of rose oil,” reveals Sue Lafford, store manager of the North Sydney branch of Perfect Potion, an aromatherapy company founded in Queensland.

“We only use the purest extractions, so they have incredible healing properties for the skin, the body and the mind. Not many people realise the hard work and resources that go into making aromatherapy oils – to create Sandalwood oil, you have to dig up the entire plant to extract oil from the roots.”

This is why the oils at Perfect Potion all vary in price so drastically. “If you see a collection of different types of aromatherapy oils that are all the same price, that’s an immediate red flag and they could be heavily diluted with other ingredients,” explains Sue. “The techniques and resources needed to extract oils can vary significantly, and this is reflected in the price if it’s a pure oil.”

Sue, who has worked in a wide variety of retail management positions, was drawn to Perfect Potion because of the company’s commitment to the environment and holistic approach to wellness.

“Perfect Potion products are all vegetarian with most being vegan with no testing on animals, which was important to me as I’m a passionate animal advocate. The majority of the products are also certified organic with all being COSMOS certified natural , so there’s no manmade chemicals and you can be sure of what you are inhaling or putting on your skin.

“Since working here I’ve become a lot of more aware of all the hidden chemicals in mainstream products and I think people in general are moving more towards natural alternatives and holistic healing remedies. I love it when people come in and want to know where and how our ingredients are sourced – it’s great that more and more of us want to be in control of what we put in our bodies.”

Perfect Potion offers complimentary mini facials and skin consultations

Based on the lower floor of the Greenwood centre, the Perfect Potion shop first opened in November 2015 and is one of six in the Sydney area. The company also has stores in Melbourne and Queensland, where founder Salvatore Battaglia lives.

“Being based in Greenwood is brilliant – it’s like having an extended work family,” says Sue. “I live in McMahon’s Point so I can walk in everyday, which is definitely the best way to travel to work. My favourite thing about living in North Sydney is the beautiful foreshore and all the parks. It also has a lovely village atmosphere, people say stop and hello.”

Sue wants to bring this community feeling into her store by introducing a variety of new workshops, including an introduction to aromatherapy and mindfulness.

“We’re hoping that by running regular workshops we will start to build up a bit of a local community who are interested in natural therapy. But we are always happy to just provide some advice and information to anyone who comes in – we have copies of The Complete Guide to Aromatherapy, which was written by the store’s founder. It is great resource of how to different oils to relieve different ailments, I learn something new every day.”

Perfect Potion North Sydney will be running their next Introduction to Aromatherapy workshop on Wednesday 7 June between 6pm-8pm, the workshop will cover a variety of topics including the art and science of aromatherapy.  To find out more, pop into the North Sydney Perfect Potions store at Greenwood Plaza, or visit the website www.perfectpotion.com.