22 September 2018 North Sydney


22 September 2018 North Sydney

Mini Meow Market

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North Sydney’s first Mini Meow Market is popping up in Brett Whiteley Place on Thursday 19 July. It’ll be cat-astrophic if you miss it!

The market will be claw-esome and perfect for all cat lovers. Brett Whiteley Place in North Sydney will be bustling with cat merchandise, cat art, cat collars, cat toys, cat food, cat charities, cats (and kittens) up for adoption and cuddling. There will also be cat-themed clothing, accessories, homewares, cupcakes and treats for humans too… are you purr-suaded yet?

There will also be live music and public cat art throughout the event.

Event Details:
NTH SYD Mini Meow Market

What: North Sydney’s first pop-up Mini Meow Market. Bringing together all things related to cats plus live music and public art.

When: Thursday 19 July, 11am to 3pm

Where: Brett Whiteley Place, North Sydney

Who: Open to everyone living and/or working in the North Sydney region.

Why: In appreciation and celebration of our feline friends. This event is run by North Sydney Council as part of its NTH SYD Happiness Works Here initiative.