23 October 2018 North Sydney


23 October 2018 North Sydney

Jim Brown

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When Jim Brown started working in finance in North Sydney just over three years ago he needed a good coffee.

Like any former barista, he has certain standards – Jim likes his coffee strong – and was pleased North Sydney had plenty of options. For him, Mazza and Charlie & Franks in Walker Street hit the sweet spot.

However, he’s not precious. Like his namesake jazz godfather James Brown, Jim has a laidback streak and happily throws back ‘instants’ in the afternoon. Making coffee helped him pay his way through a commerce degree at the University of Wollongong and an overseas European tour before he began working in finance.

Luckily those instant caffeine top-ups do the trick, because like many of his clients, Jim is saving for a house deposit and every dollar counts.

As a financial planner with Countplus one North Sydney, Jim advises young people – as well as those planning retirement – how to get ahead financially. It’s work that he loves, helping people achieve their dreams.

“It’s good to really understand about who people are and what’s important to them,” he said. “We help people from young professionals through to pensioners. Working with young clients is always good – people who are trying to buy their first house – also people who are thinking about retiring, and making sure their retirement is how they anticipate. You want to make sure all hard work they have done for the past 40 years is a good financial move into retirement.

“It’s a good challenge,” he says of financial planning, adding that he loves that his company has a goal to raise $2 million for charity by 2020.

Jim finds North Sydney quieter than the city, and better for fitness and team building.

Once a week he jogs across the Harbour Bridge and back – it takes around 30 minutes – for a boost of iconic Sydney-powered fresh-air, and plays basketball twice weekly.

Countplus one fields a basketball team in the nearby St Leonards comp, with both lads and ladies playing weekly, and they practise weekly in St Leonards Park.

Each day Jim commutes 45-minute door-to-door from the Shire for a quintessential NTH SYD experience – a breath of fresh air, a bit of activity, connecting with others and helping people achieve their dreams.