23 October 2018 North Sydney


23 October 2018 North Sydney

Feed your inner nerd this August

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Feed your inner geek this August! Nerd Nites will feature passionate bite-sized talks on weird and wonderful topics – they’re like FREE mini TED Talks, with beer!

Each Wednesday from 5.30-7pm speakers will discuss everything from neuroscience to social media trends, in an iconic pub.

 Full schedule:

1 August (Communication)

Dr Nick Wilson – Making meetings less boring: the role of humour and small talk.

Dr Loy Lising – Understanding the person that works next to you.

8 August (Food Culture)

Professor Bill Pritchard – What I learned about global food security while waiting for a Thai takeaway in Newtown.

Dr Anne-Marie Thow – How sugar infiltrated our diet.

15 August (The Mind)

Associate Professor Paul Rhodes – Can we make up our own mind?

Associate Professor Hans Pols – Why friends are better than drugs.

22 August (Psychology)

Associate Professor Melissa Norberg – Conquer your Fears

Dr Jasmine Fardouly – Social Media: is it worth the likes?

29 August (Neuroscience)

Dr Asheeta Prasad – To drink or not to drink?

Brainlight – an interactive brain lights up your mind.

This series will be held at Rag & Famish Hotel on the corner Berry and Miller streets, North Sydney – upstairs in the relaxed lounge space.

To register, email CommsEvents@northsydney.nsw.gov.au with your details. Spaces are limited, so get in quick!