22 September 2018 North Sydney


22 September 2018 North Sydney

Get out of the office!

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Summer is a great time to get out of the office and explore the local area. Most offices have a bit more down time over December/January so grab a colleague and take a longer lunchtime to enjoy the extra sunshine on one of our NTH SYD Discovery Walks.

We’ve crafted 4 short walks starting from the NTH SYD CBD to get you moving on your break. Or, you could beat the Friday traffic and take one of these strolls after work before heading to Twilight Food Fair in Civic Park for a delicious cheap eats dinner.

Walk 1 – Abundant Nature

NTH SYD is the quintessential green city, with access to some beautiful green spaces and waterfront parks. Click here for Nature Walk map with images.

Walk 2 – Harbour Views

The jewel in the crown of Sydney Harbour, the Bridge frames every southerly view from NTH SYD. And we have some very special vantage points. Click here for Harbour View map with images.

Walk 3 – History Lane

NTH SYD is rich with historical significance. Did you know that the Don Bank Cottage (now museum) on Napier Street is one of the oldest surviving timber houses in NSW? Click here for History map with notes.