With more than 820,000m2 of commercial office space and 46,000 workers, North Sydney is Sydney’s second largest CBD. We’re part of the city’s global arc, attracting innovative industries with international reach such as finance, communications, construction, property and health.

We’re the smart CBD. We have the highest proportion of workers in knowledge intensive industries and the highest proportion with university qualifications, making us the brains trust of Sydney. People who work here earn more, on average, than their colleagues in other areas.

They’re impressive numbers. But that’s not all that makes us great.

Our difference is our lifestyle. North Sydney is relaxed and friendly, offering a unique work-life balance you won’t find everywhere else. We have all the things you need to make your working week easier. Excellent transport, parks, pools and gyms within easy reach, good medical, retail and childcare services, and great places to hang out after work. You can even find a patch of grass in the sun to enjoy during your lunch break.

Find your happy balance in North Sydney. Want to know more? Phone Jade on (02) 9936 8271.